Workshop FAQ

Below is a brief FAQ. The original proposal document, which contains more detail concerning the purpose, aims and content of the workshop, can be read here.


The workshop is a place to share knowledge, skills, data and research with other Government PhD students. Though it is primarily intended for the doctoral cohort, MSc students are also welcome to attend.

Where and when?

Meetings take place at irregular intervals, but are typically held on Tuesday evenings at 5pm. Most sessions will last around an hour.

The location of each meeting depends upon the content, and is therefore subject to change. The location of each session will be announced in advance on this site and via email.


Social science PhDs can be isolated and at times overwhelming undertakings. The workshop aims to encourage collaboration among participants, enabling them to overcome research challenges together rather than alone.

What happens at each session?

Most sessions will involve research presentations, the length and number of which will vary. These may be useful to participants ahead of conferences, and are a valuable way of gaining experience in a pressure free environment. Participants may elect not to present, and instead share written work they would like to be discussed in roundtable style. Those who do present are welcome to circulate shorter portions of written work if appropriate.

In addition to individual research, students are welcome to present or lead practical sessions concerning doctoral study or political science research more generally, encompassing for example statistical methods, software packages, research design, presentation techniques etc. Individuals are free to propose topics, please get in touch if you would like to volunteer.

The end of each meeting can be used for informal meta discussion, or as a peer “clinic”. Participants can share documents or data either in advance of or during the session (within reason) if they would like to seek advice on a specific problem they are having.

How do I share my stuff in advance?

Please upload any relevant presentations, documents or datasets to the group folder on StrathCloud, which can be found here.