Strathy PhD Politics Workshop

An occasional meeting for Government and Public Policy postgrads to share knowledge and research

Workshop #3 Programme (June 2016)

by Fraser

Tuesday 7th June, 5PM.

Lord Hope, 230.

Peer evaluation (research design)

Open Government Data: Context, Effects and Use
Maria Zuffova (

A worldwide trend towards the publication of “open government data” (OGD) has been observed in recent years. Despite the lofty ambitions of advocates, however, the variation in OGD practices and its political effects are not well understood. Maria aims to investigate the conditions in which this kind of data is typically made available and who it is used by. She has submitted a full draft research design, but would particularly like feedback on the “research objectives” section. Those with limited time to read can find the relevant discussion from page 6 onwards.

Full research design available here and in the StrathCloud folder.

Project pitch

An Election Pledge Tracker for the Scottish Parliament
Fraser McMillan (

Fraser will briefly pitch a project to track the Scottish Government’s progress on its manifesto pledges. Though linked to his primary research interest, it is unrelated to his PhD thesis. The project will require a handful of paid coders, and workshop participants will be offered the option to register their interest in the event that funding becomes available and the project goes ahead.

Draft proposal document available here and in the StrathCloud folder. The Canadian project can be found on the POLTEXT website.

Unstructured discussion

The format of the workshop will be open for discussion at the end of the session. Topics for future sessions and other suggestions are encouraged.

For further information please contact

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