Workshop #2 Programme (May 2016)

by Fraser

Tuesday 3th May, 5PM.

Lord Hope, 230.

Research presentation

New trends in EU cohesion policy governance: the case of financial instruments
Claudia Gloazzo (

Claudia is interested in the increasing use of financial instruments (FI) to deliver EU cohesion policy. These FI are characterised by two particular innovations, which involve new actors and governance relations in the process. Claudia’s research concerns the impact of these developments on the performance of FI in the context of cohesion policy. The presentation will focus on the methodological challenges presented by the topic.

Full abstract text here.

Research presentation

Immigration and political parties: Britain since 1997
Kenny Stevenson (

Scholars have observed an apparent mismatch between citizen preferences and government outputs on immigration in Britain since the election of Blair’s New Labour. The extent to which this is the result of ideological differences between voters and elites is unclear, partly because migration studies and public opinion are studied in methodological and empirical isolation from one another. Kenny will present his research framework, outlining how he intends to bridge this gap.

Full abstract text here.

Unstructured discussion

The format of the workshop will be open for discussion at the end of the session. Topics for future sessions and other suggestions are encouraged.

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