Workshop #1 Programme (March 2016)

by Fraser

Tuesday 8th March, 5PM.

Livingston Tower, 206.

Peer evaluation (research design)

Industry Influence: Party Finance and Public Policy Implications
Peter Wilson (

Document available for download here and in the shared StrathCloud folder.

Peter has submitted this research design for his annual review, and has kindly agreed to share it for discussion in the workshop. His research question is currently “does industry exert influence on the regulatory policy of the main political parties in Britain?” He is most interested in feedback concerning measurement, particularly of his dependent variable. For those with limited time to read, the relevant discussion can be found on pages 7 to 9 of the document.

Research presentation

Replicating the Saliency Approach to Democratic Linkage: Preliminary Findings.
Fraser McMillan (

Presentation available here and on StrathCloud.

Fraser will introduce participants to the saliency approach, a theory of democratic linkage and method of measuring the programme-to-policy linkage. One of his thesis chapters part-replicates the approach using new data, and he will present his methods, data and some initial findings on the topic.

Unstructured discussion

The format of the workshop will be open for discussion at the end of the session. Topics for future sessions and other suggestions are encouraged.


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